A Mindful Mantra To Stay Balanced This Holiday Season

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I don’t know about you but I’m feeling the frenetic vibrations of this holiday season. The energetic buzzing of buying the perfect gifts, making family plans and picking up those last few items at the grocery can become catalysts for a stress overload. The sheer cultural pressures of consumerism are enough to push anyone to indulge in a few too many cups of egg nog. The consumer mindset is certainly alive and well this time of year, and often, the energy of consuming clouds the true foundation of what the holiday season is about ~ love, joy, peace and authentic connection. So, in the spirit of giving, I’m offering you an alternative. This year, in the midst of this chaos, make a commitment to practice this one mindful mantra:

“I Am An Instrument of Peace and that is enough”

Beneath the thought narratives of perfectionism, busyness and buying toys exists the essence of what it means to be alive. Wherever you are, pause for a moment. Before you get self-critical about not doing or being enough this season, direct your attention to the center of your chest, breath deeply and perhaps you can connect with a sense of gratitude for simply being alive. The divine light of existence thrives within each one of us but, year after year, this truth becomes lost in surface level materialism of the season. To give the gift of loving presence when interfacing with your children, partner or even the store clerk is, indeed, the greatest gift you can give.

Scarcity consciousness thrives this time of year, leaving us feeling like we’re never enough. But, the beauty is, we possess the power to shift into embodying what this celebratory season is all about ~ interconnection through the portals of peace and love. First, this begins with an awareness that we desire to feel more balanced and grounded. Then, we can begin to transform our thoughts, proactively choosing to cultivate a different relationship with ourselves and those around us. Radical change begins within and the light of the season can be a great teacher if we’re open and willing.

I OFFER YOU THIS PRACTICE: The next time you see a lit candle, tree lights or a symbol of the season, PAUSE, go inward, breath into your belly and repeat this sacred mantra three times, “I am an instrument of peace and that is enough.

Through these words, you journey back home to your own true Buddha nature of peace. Each time you remember the essence of your peace, you give yourself the gift of love. And what’s more precious than that?

Sending radiant light to all of you beautiful beings this season. The light in me bows deeply and eternally to the light in you.

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See you on The Path!

Much Metta,


  1. Beautiful and wise words for all of us. I vow to try this mantra, starting now!

    • Wonderful, Lori! This mantra has been a precious practice for me this season. Wishing you a peaceful holiday filled with love and light.

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