A New Approach to Psychotherapy: Healing Through The Body [Video]

In Inner

“Psychotherapy, at the core, is about an embodied presence. As the therapist holds a guiding light, the client finds their way back to the innate flow of love, joy and healing within their mind, body and spirit” ~ Lena Franklin, LCSW

The truth is, we can’t think our way into healing. Our suffering exists within the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. To heal our whole selves, we must embrace the wholeness of our stories, our darkness and our light. Easing our suffering means working beneath (and beyond) cognitive processes that traditional talk therapy solely focuses on.

Love, connection and acceptance are our birthright. These essential elements for living abundant, fulfilling lives exist only within ourselves. But sometimes, we need a guide to journey inward. Through my own inner journey, I have been led to this sacred work as a psychotherapist.

My individual work with clients, workshops and talks are informed by my own story ~ growing up with a Presbyterian father and Vietnamese Buddhist mother. Integrating Eastern philosophy and Western clinical training, and delivered with heart-centered compassion, I’m honored to offer a mindfulness-based approach to psychotherapy.

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