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Integrate Presence is a training and retreat concept I’ve created with the wise Alyce Wellons, LCSW. As mindfulness-based psychotherapists trained in LifeForce Yoga, we’re aligned with the philosophy that “to integrate spiritual presence into daily life is to reclaim the power of your existence.” Serenbe, a sustainable urban sanctuary just South of Atlanta, has become our base for delivering exclusive professional trainings and retreats. Explore our 2017 meditation and yoga events HERE.

Inner Journey Retreats is a luxury wellness retreat business I created with Meghan Toups, LPC, to merge our shared passions for spiritual growth and holistic health. Inner Journey Retreats focuses on integrating mindfulness practices (meditation & yoga), proper nutrition and cultural immersion for healing and stress management.

Travel helps us connect to the heart of humanity ~ decreasing isolation and increasing our sense of oneness with the world. Personally, travel gets me out of the microcosm of my life ~ clearing blocked channels clouding the heart and getting beneath the film of stress where compassion flows freely. Connection to our inner and outer world is a catalyst for cultivating more joy and peace in life. In collaboration with Pravassa Wellness Travel, I’m honored to offer international mindfulness journeys in SE Asia and beyond. Whether you join me for a domestic or international retreat, I’m thrilled to be your guide on the great journey inward!

For those who seek to awaken their Mind, Body & Spirit while traveling, I also offer Wellness Travel Consulting. As your private wellness consultant, I’ll collaborate with you on integrating mindfulness, meditation, yoga and holistic health practices into your vacation and will travel with you as your personal wellness guide. Please contact me directly at or 404.550.8422 for inquiries.

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