Love: The Ultimate Mindfulness Practice

In Love

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.” ~ Rumi

February 14th is upon us ~ the annual day when love is meant to be celebrated through the material. Cards, chocolates, flowers and romantic dinners infuse the media on this day, often catapulting us into longing mind for a love depicted in movies. But what are we truly longing for? The answers live within.

On a day where external consciousness is alive and well, I challenge you to look within. It is only through our own capacity to love our own soul that love for another can flow authentically. Consider this: The love that we seek {sometimes for our entire lives} is a love that flows like a river within. But this love cannot be excavated without the capacity to direct and sustain our mindful awareness on the heartspace.

How many moments during the day do we forget the essence of why we continuously, courageously journey forward on the path of our lives? I’m guilty of this moment-to-moment forgetfulness. Trapped in the trance of busyness and fear, we become separated from our own loving hearts. However, if we make love a daily practice, not just for our partners, children and friends…but for ourselves, we can begin to walk through the world with increased joy and groundedness.

Personal Passion

I challenge you ~ ignite the passion for wholehearted living. Whether you’re doing the dishes, drinking a cup of tea or settling into a 5 minute meditation, commit to your life with untethered love. Our own thoughts of self-doubt and fear tamp down our capacity for high vibrational love. Become aware of the negative thought patterns that arise, hold the intention of releasing the thoughts that don’t serve your highest self and return to the embodiment of love. True, authentic love is our birthright, but remember, this heart-centered capacity begins from deep within your being.

Unconditional self-love

There is a misconception that to love the self is to be selfish. In fact, to unconditionally love our essence is to return to our divine interconnection with the Universe. Buddha taught to cultivate mindful presence in the heart in order to receive the joy and love available to us within ordinary experiences ~ the sun rising each morning, gazing upon a flower or absorbing the nourishing meal before us. When we can see the loving nature of all things, then we have journeyed home to our truth. This is the wisdom of our heart-mind. For me, a moment-to-moment commitment to living a life characterized by love is one of the most sacred practices of all. It’s a practice because we must begin again, over and over, due to the folly of our human minds. And when I see a piece of myself in the reflections of daily living, I know I’m at home within my soul.

So when you’re contemplating the role of love in your life, consider the power of a loving presence within the depths of your being. Ask yourself, What does it mean to live with unconstricted passion and to unconditionally love who it is I am in this life?

When we choose to liberate ourselves from fear, to embrace our innate inner power, and walk through this world in commitment to the presence of love, we evolve as spiritual beings. Indeed, mindfulness is the ultimate portal into our own true refuge of the heart ~ our highest home.

Wishing you eternal love, light and peace today and always.

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Much Metta,

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