Lucid Dreaming for Personal & Spiritual Growth

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The art and science of lucid dreaming is a powerful way to deepen the relationship we have with our lives, tapping into our capacity to cultivate lives full of meaning. This is not to say the process is easy but it can be cultivated with a wise approach. Once the approach is mastered then the potential to use it for effective personal and spiritual growth unfolds. This notion of personal and spiritual growth varies from person to person. The key point here is that if you seek personal and spiritual evolution, you can call upon your inner resources to manifest these capacities.

The old saying “Dare to dream” often refers to the notion that if you have dreams and desires these will inspire you to take actions. Often, it is your dreams that shape your destiny. Of course, most uses of this descriptive phrase will refer to daydreaming. The reason daydreaming is involved is because it is impossible to control one’s actual dreams…or is it. With the art of lucid dreaming, you might very well be able to gain a handle or an insight into effectively taking control of your dreams.

With lucid dreaming, you are no longer acting as an audience to your dreams. You will not be in a reactive mode. Rather, your participation in the dreams becomes highly active and you will succeed in your ability to make your dreams what you wish them to be.

This, in turn, can have an amazing impact on your waking life since your dreams may end up shaping your actions. For those with a serious interest in lucid dreaming, here are a few steps to take.

  • Try to invest time in your daily meditation sessions performing mantras that entail gaining a foothold on your ability to dream and dream lucidly. The ability to gain the capacity to dictate your process of lucid dreaming must start in your conscious hours. This makes the potential to gain power during the dreaming state much easier since you tap into the thought processes needed to make your dreams work for you.
  • Keeping a dream log is also helpful. The way this works is relatively simple. When you have a dream and awake from it, you need to immediately write down the contents of the dream in your log book. Yes, this can be more than a little difficult at first since you would have to wake up at 2am to write down all your dreams. Of course, this can be challenging, but with dedicated commitment to your soul’s intentions, you can make this happen.
  • Once you have detailed a dream log, you can analyze the dreams. Upon doing this, you will be able to meditate on what you have analyzed. This, in turn, will enhance your ability to cultivate power over your future dreams since you will have analyzed the ones you experienced in the past.
  • Meditating on your reflections of the dream log also enhances your potential ability to gain control of the dream state. This is due to the fact you are analyzing your progress and seeking to improve upon it.
  • When you do enter the dream state, try to make very simple incremental changes in terms of how you react in the dream. In fact, you will want to avoid reacting at all. You will want to take a more proactive than reactive role. This opens the door to the great potential to gain power over your dreams and allow them to unfold according to your soul’s desires.
  • Do not feel discouraged if you have a tough time at first. Lucid dreaming is a learned skill and it will take some time to gain expertise in lucid dreaming.

Once you have gained an insight into how to cultivate inner power to dictate your lucid dreaming experiences, you will find that you are not so much dreaming as maintaining effective out of body experiences intended to yield an intentional manifestation in your life. Those who honor their dream lives and cultivate the art of controlled lucid dreaming will discover the potential to live lives full of meaning and spiritual intuition. Why is this? It is because your dreams will help guide you through your waking days through enhanced intuitive power.

Our dream lives are equally as important as our waking lives. Thus, harnessing the art of lucid dreaming can be a transformative way to get the most out of this precious gift we call life.

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