Meditation Compassion

What it is

Compassion is feeling that arises when confronted by another’s suffering. Compassion reflects the wisdom of being connected to other beings through the universal experience of suffering. When our hearts blossom with compassion for ourselves and others, our judgments and reactive ways of being begin to melt away.

How it Helps

Cultivating a compassion meditation practice can be beneficial in promoting more harmonious relationships of all kinds – with ourselves, our partners, our children, etc. Fostering awareness of how compassion manifests in the body – for example, in the chest, gut and face – can soften thoughts, subsiding emotional reactivity.

Studies show that we can train ourselves to be more compassionate. Cultivating compassion and kindness through meditation affects brain regions that can make a person more empathic to others’ mental states. Additionally, our capacities to regulate thoughts and emotions through meditation can ease stress, anxiety and depression – bringing balance to the emotional body.

Benefits of a Compassion Meditation Practice:

 Decrease stress and anxiety
 Increase joy
 Helps make us better spouses
 Increase empathy and patience in caregiving
 Helps us make better friends
 Create a greater capacity to give and receive love
 Decrease vulnerability to loneliness

Compassion in Practice

During the first few sessions, we will discuss your intentions for cultivating a meditation practice. As we move forward into meditation practice, I will teach you ways to access compassion in the body and provide a sacred space for meditation practice. I will always make time for questions that arise, one-on-one discussion about your meditation practice, etc. Our roadmap for future meditation sessions will be dictated by your personal intentions. For example, compassion meditation might be combined with other meditative and yogic techniques to best suit your needs. I offer an integrative approach to meditation. There’s plenty of room for creativity and flexibility!

Individual meditation instruction sessions will be done in my office where I will provide meditation cushions and yoga mats, if needed. You’ll wear comfortable clothing, as we’ll be sitting on the floor during meditation practice.