Meditation Mantra

What it is

Mantra is a Sanskrit word meaning a “sacred utterance” that is repeated in meditation. Either composed of a word or a phrase, a mantra serves as an instrument for the mind to focus on. We allow the words of a mantra to absorb into our consciousness with the intention of shifting negative habits or patterns.

How it helps

The sounds and vibrations of mantra can be a portal into meditation, helping us find internal balance, easing stress and anxiety. The rhythm of a repeated mantra can help us experience deeper levels of awareness – increasing our capacity to witness thoughts, emotions and patterns. When we identify the patterns that don’t serve us and find that space between our thoughts, we can choose more adaptive ways of responding to challenging situations. The deep vibration of mantra meditation can help return you back to your true nature – the essence of who you are.

Benefits of a Mantra Meditation Practice:

 Decrease stress, anxiety & depression
 Increase capacity to self-soothe
 Boost immunity
 Cultivate awareness of intuition
 Help clear the mind’s incessant chatter
 Increase joy

Mantra in Practice

I offer the opportunity to integrate mantra into your customized meditation instruction. Together, we’ll create a roadmap for meditation sessions moving forward. During the first few sessions, we will discuss your intentions for cultivating a meditation practice. As we move forward into meditation, I will teach you various mantras and how they access the emotional body. I offer an integrative approach to meditation. For example, mantra might be combined with other meditative and yogic techniques to best suit your needs.

Individual meditation instruction sessions will be done in my office where I will provide meditation cushions and yoga mats, if needed. You’ll wear comfortable clothing, as we’ll be sitting on the floor during meditation practice.