Mindfulness: Reclaiming the Greatest Relationship Of All

In Inner

“Because we are alive, everything is possible.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Clients often come into my office and ask, “How can mindfulness help my life?” Recently, I sat with this question at a new depth, looking within instead of seeking without.

Being the daughter of a quintessential tiger mom, I was always a good student, following the rules and working hard not to misstep. I constantly took the word of adults as truth, just like a good Vietnamese daughter, respecting her elders. But through my own journey of darkness and light, I learned to listen to that voice calling from within the deep recesses of my being. The seed of mindfulness that was planted decades ago by growing up in a hybrid Christian/Buddhist home began to bud in the midst of great grief, but I believe the lessons of presence transcend space and time, moving beyond our suffering of the moment. Our whole life is a meditation, and when we drop beneath the turbulent waves of our lives, we reconnect to our true Buddha Nature, our innate ocean of love. This love is what transcends space and time, touching those ancestors who walked before us and those who will walk after us.

So back to the question, “how can mindfulness help my life?”

There are hundreds of ways I could answer this question, pulling from teachings by the great mindfulness teachers of our time like Thich Nhat Hanh, Jon Kabat-Zinn and Sharon Salzburg, but I challenge you to look within.

For me, mindfulness speaks to the relationship I have with my life – how I embody the rich nature of my ever-shifting inner landscape composed of emotional peaks and valleys – how I absorb the teachings of belonging to the natural world. Through the portal of mindfulness, I awaken my senses to living wholeheartedly. I become unapologetically wholehearted in the way I move through the world. This intimate relationship we have with our lives is the greatest love affair of all.

Who am I to define what kind of relationship you have with your life? Only you can choose to embark on a human’s highest calling, to journey inward. So, yes, cultivating awareness of the present moment without judgment can help you de-stress, becoming healthier and happier. But I challenge you to ask yourself this: “What kind of relationship do I want to have with my life?” Because, the answer to this question is the awakened jewel of the heart that will unveil itself when you allow your life to unfold through mindfulness.  

Pause to embody stillness and silence, our wisest teachers, and perhaps you’ll hear the soul’s soft whisper.

I’m honored to be guiding a Buddhist mindfulness journey to Thailand this Fall. You can explore more about this wellness vacation HERE. For more about how to practice mindfulness to live your own best life, subscribe to my blog.

See you on The Path!

Light + Love,

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