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An example of how you could do video thumbnails.

You’d do all this in Canva or PicMonkey (Or Pixelmator once you get a Mac). 1) You’d already have the “type” – like a logo – or like the @Mindful_Healer thing we add on Canva images you put on Twitter. 2) Then take your fav shot from the movie, and upload the image in Canva, put the type on top, Save it. 3) Then upload that image as the Thumbnail in Vimeo. YES, I’ll show you how to do this. Certainly not a must. But if you have a couple of different video types going on your site – Travel videos, Wellness talks/modules, Soulful Sundays, it could be a nice little extra touch.

vimeo_thumbnail_horse vimeo_thumbnail_labyrinth


The actual video you shot yesterday:

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