The 5 Best Affirmations For a Better Life

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We oftentimes live out our lives in thought patterns we don’t even realize we have- they are habits. Little do we realize, it’s these exact thought patterns that govern our realities.

If you listen to your thoughts for a day and find that many of yours are undesirable and not self-serving, fret not- it’s all okay. Nothing is permanent. In fact, it may just take a little bit of rewiring to change your thoughts, and thus, your life (it’s true).

Every time you think a thought, you create a neural pathway. When you think the same types of thoughts over and over, you create a strong neural pathway, which your thoughts can easily traverse. When we compare this to either walking down a paved pathway or having to create our own, it is easy to see how automatic it may be to go down the paved path- the path of least resistance. This is how habits are formed- every time you give into a habit or think a thought, you strengthen it’s pathway.

In order to reroute these negative pathways, we must first begin creating new ones. The absolute best way to do this is with affirmations. . .

The word “affirmation” comes from the Latin word affirmare, which means “to make steady; to strengthen.” So, affirmations are thoughts that you wish to strengthen. At first it may be difficult to remind yourself to think in a new way, since our minds just want to take the habitual path; for this, it is important to either write these affirmations on your arm/hand, on your mirror, or set an alarm reminder to go off throughout the day (or, better yet, all of the above).

Before you are given some of the best daily affirmations to use, it is important to know that you must  first actually believe these affirmations before you repeat them to yourself. If you don’t believe them, you will be instilling doubt every time you say them. In a silly example, if you don’t believe in aliens, telling yourself, “aliens are real” seven times a day won’t change your mind about aliens- you may just giggle to yourself every time you say it. Affirmations are meant to affirm, not convince.

Having said that, here are some of the best affirmations you can use for a better life:

1.) “Today, I let go of any old habits that are not serving me and create new, positive ones.”

Ahh, the beautiful Art of Letting Go. This is a fantastic affirmation to start with. Out with the old, in with the new; out with the old, in with the new. You are stepping into a new, cleansed, realm of positivity and self-awareness. You are allowing that new, creative energy to flow within and through you and make magic happen in your life.

2.) “I am exactly where I need to be.”

It is oftentimes all too easy to look forward at where we wish we could be, and resent where we currently are. It is so important to respect the present moment for what it is. There are no accidents; the Universe works in mysterious ways. It is important to remember that with every seemingly uncomfortable step, we are growing stronger and that everything is happening for our ultimate good. Having appreciation for the present moment will breed a great amount of beauty into your life.

3.) “I radiate light and positivity.”

Imagining yourself as a bright light that is constantly expanding outwards and lighting the world around you is a brilliant meditation for self love. Not only will everyone you come in contact with feel your radiant energy, you will notice your perception of the entire world quickly lighten and brighten. Creating a paved, neural pathway to abundant light and positivity is a fast track to a brilliant and abundant life.

4.) “I am unconditionally loving and accepting toward myself, and thus towards others.”

It is so strange, that in some ways of thinking, self-love is looked at being a negative thing. No way, Jose! Self love is one of the most important things we can embody, for if we do not fully love and accept ourselves, just as we are, we will not be able to fully love and accept others just as they are. In order to achieve unconditional love for others, we must first have unconditional love for ourselves; this is crucial!

5.) “My body, mind, and spirit are joyous and healthy.”

These three aspects of ourselves are completely entangled; if one goes out of whack, the others are soon to follow. For that, it is important to mention all three, as a balance is quite important.  If we can remind ourselves of the absolute importance of tending to our soul, then our minds will follow with health and joy, and so will our bodies. It is very important to constantly remind yourself of your health and your ability to feel joy.

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