Therapy Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process to reach greater health and happiness. Through this journey, you’ll learn effective ways to cope with challenges that arise in your life. My focus is on improving how you understand and navigate life’s relationships, stressors and emotional experiences. I will work with you in an authentic and compassionate way, utilizing an integrated approach to meet your individual needs – helping you create a more balanced life.

What to Expect

The first few sessions will be spent discussing what brought you to psychotherapy and what issues I might be able to assist you with. During this initial phase, we will discuss a plan moving forward, creating a road map for the therapeutic process. Psychotherapy can be time-limited, or an ongoing process of deep personal healing and growth. Together, we will establish mutually agreed-upon psychotherapy goals.

A typical session is 60 minutes, however, longer sessions are available. Our goals and roadmap for therapy will determine what I recommend for session length and frequency.

Therapeutic Specialties:

 Stress and Anxiety Management (utilizing mindfulness-based practices)
 Reduction of depressive symptoms
 Improvement of relationships (friend, familial or romantic)
 Issues related to the formative years of Adolescence and Young Adulthood
 Trauma Processing
 Grief and Loss Issues
 Shame Reduction
 Focusing issues related to ADD and ADHD
 Insight enhancement of personal life path