Therapy Yoga Therapy

I have training in Trauma-Focused Yoga and Yoga for Mood Management. Yoga delivers many benefits including easing stress, anxiety and depression – bringing balance to the emotional body. Through my training, I have learned how to integrate particular yogic breath work (pranayamas & kriyas) and body postures (asanas) into the psychotherapy setting, helping clients calm feelings of anxiety and reduce symptoms of depression. Yoga therapy is an opportunity to target inner imbalances – specifically mood and maladaptive thought patterns – through the portal of a mind/body practice.

Cultivating a yoga practice can enhance acceptance and happiness in the present moment experience.  Emotions and past experiences manifest in the body. By getting attuned to our bodies, we can discover capacities for growth that were once clouded. Developing a yoga practice can help you discover the fertile ground of your authentic self. I offer the opportunity to integrate yogic practices into your therapeutic journey.