Becoming A Conscious Creator: Transformative Lessons From Nature

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." ~Lao Tzu

To claim your journey of this lifetime is to begin living from a place of profound truth. We cannot live in the light without trekking through the valley of human darkness. This valley could be job loss, the death of a loved one, a deep depression of feeling disconnected from one's wholeness. To know one's deepest self is to witness, listen and embrace life's shadows, no matter how difficult.


Transformation cannot happen without destruction. The paradox of darkness and light is alive and well in autumn. As the days grow shorter and leaves begin to decay, seeds are scattered for new growth in the spring. The seemingly dismal destruction that's occurring at the surface of the earth is truly preparation for new buds of life in future times. As the natural world prepares for winter's hibernation, pause to take in the profound wisdom that nature offers us.


Opening to autumn's gifts can teach us much about becoming a conscious creator of our own reality. We are the only ones that can embody the truth of our self-determination. Through the realization of our personal power, we become a conscious creator , harnessing the ability to transform our lives. Transformation unfolds moment-by-moment, breath-by-breath. One active choice can change the trajectory of our lives forever. Nature's wisdom teaches us to co-create our reality with the Universe.


Open to these 3 powerful lessons from nature and begin your own inner transformation:

store inner strength


Fall's preparation for winter teaches us to look within for strength. We're taught to focus on the circumstances and appearances of our external lives. Nature invites us to look more deeply, exploring the landscape of our inner life. The cold darkness of fall and winter show us how get still and hibernate, cultivating time for reflection and insight building. This autumn, release your urge to cling to the warm summer months and fall into a season of gentleness. Enjoy more warm baths, light candles and take silent walks. Store that inner strength that you deserve.

practice the art of releasing


When the leaves begin falling off the trees, it's easy to focus on the decaying happening around us. Nature teaches us profound lessons in releasing what is no longer needed to plant seeds for future abundance. Our perpetual busyness can narrow our lens of life, thrusting us into mind states where we hone in on the negative circumstances of our existence. As the seasons change, step back and widen your lens. As you continue your life's journey, accept dead ends that detour you towards paths in which you needed to travel. Endings are merely detours you were meant to take. Release what's no longer serving you while honoring the fear of unknown terrain. During my daily meditations, I release loved ones, career and other circumstances in my life. This allows me to unhinge myself from the default mode of clinging to stories of how my life should be. The result? What continues to serve my life well remains abundantly present.

retreat and revitalize


Traveling inward is something I often talk to my clients about. Retreating within is one of the most courageous choices we can make. The inner landscape is one of peaks, valleys and winding paths that can be intensely lonely. In order to begin living a more conscious life, we must embark on this shadowy journey. Think about all the time we spend and energy we exert to change the circumstances of our external lives. Astounding, isn't it? The truth is, all we need exists within the recesses of our spirit and we can unlearn our way back to that hidden wholeness. Each day, we become filmed over by stress, anxiety, striving and the trance of inadequacy. This fall, accept nature's invitation to get quiet, find stillness and retreat from life's daily expectations. This could be taking a bibliotherapy weekend, tuning out technology for a few days or booking a meditation retreat. In order to gain the clarity needed to consciously create the lives we're meant to live, we must retreat inward to revitalize the essence of who it is we are ~ our true nature.


To begin embodying your inner conscious creator through mindfulness, meditation and yoga, I extend a warm invite for you to join me on my next wellness vacation.


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With Gratitude,



Lena Franklin