The #1 Practice That Can Transform Your Life

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ~Albert Einstein

Standing outside gazing at the first full moon of the year on January 23rd, 2016, I sensed a deep interconnection with the awe-inspiring Universe around me. The blissful light beaming down seemed to flow through every cell of my being. Then, I saw flashes of my past ~ the journey of my life condensed into picture images ~ each experience leading me to this very moment. I was transported out of the present moment into the storybook of my life.

In mindfulness philosophy, I teach how the time traveling mind causes us suffering. And it is the experience of clinging that keeps us in a trance of suffering. When we cling to what we want, attempting to control outcomes, rather than accepting the truth of "what is" in this very moment, we perpetuate our own sense of inner distress. When we cultivate awareness of our thoughts and feelings through mindfulness, we create a mind that can catch itself when it loses itself. But how can we harness the truth that all of life's moments, time-traveling or present, are a part of life's web of miracles?

My #1 Practice for Transformation: bring the intention of Surrender to life's moment-to-moment miracles.

One of the mantras I worked with throughout 2015 was "I bow." This mantra was created to bring an energy of surrender to my life. When I was able to bow to my pain, my insecurities, my tears, and my whole life, joy revealed itself in beautiful and unexpected ways. Surrendering to each moment of your life awakens you to the possibilities of presence ~ the powerful NOW. Surrender to your time-traveling mind and accept that when you've been confronted with life's pain and hardship, you were also joined in this pain by the rest of humanity. As Buddha skillfully taught, because we're alive, we suffer. We're all in this suffering game together but without the valleys, the peaks of joy do not exist. Accept that each life challenge has provided a lesson to learn, a wound to heal, and a transformation to unfold.

So how do we put the intention of surrender into practice? Surrender to your imagination! What would it be like to approach each and every moment as a miracle of love? Release any judgments here. Truly, how would this feel for you internally? Can you even imagine it? Allowing yourself the permission to imagine a life with flowing love, peace, and joy is key for living a fulfilling life. What we rest our attention on grows. So why not shift our attention away from the traffic jam we're stuck in and sense love and connection for all the beautiful beings trying to get somewhere just as we are? And when we sense irritation arise, surrender to that, too ~ resting in the simple truth that we're human.

Through your mindfulness practice, notice how you might judge each moment of your life as "good" or "bad." Releasing that "good" or "bad" dichotomous lens in which you perceive life opens your consciousness up to being a perpetual student of life. Students of life trust the process when the path becomes dark because they believe in life's moment-to-moment miracles. Trusting in your capacity to journey onward is believing in your soul's strength. The truth is, your radiant inner light is always there to guide you through intuitive messaging. Practicing the art of surrender allows you to be guided by these messages, giving you clarity to make life decisions with calm strength.

To surrender is to show up to your life wholeheartedly, accepting all of the pieces of who it is you are. You're an imperfectly perfect human with the tremendous capacity to evolve and live from a place where you experience miracles unfolding, moment-to-moment. Show up to this journey of life with authentic love, joy, and curiosity and you'll be open to the lessons of transformation.

Are you ready to courageously surrender to this miracle of life?

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In Peace,



Lena Franklin