The Fierce Female RISING

Women are being called to stand in their power, unapologetically, to cultivate balance and healing in our world.

Recently, I’ve seen a significant increase of women coming into my therapy office seeking “live life differently.” Of course, as therapists do, further questioning is presented to peel back the layers to unveil the true meaning of this intention. So as I’ve explored this desire to “live life differently” with the women sitting on my couch, what has emerged is what they’ve described as an “inner calling” to live with more personal power and purpose. Perhaps there was a sense of powerlessness in their marriage, corporate job or role as a stay-at-home-mom. But despite the external roles these women played out daily, the common denominator was that their intuition was telling them something ~ and this something has become the catalyst for change in their lives.

As we know, historically, women have endured painful and persistent oppression and inequality within systems and communities. But what’s really being called to the surface at this time?

Cambridge professor, Mary Beard, wrote the powerful volume, Women and Power: A Manifesto. Beard explains:

“You cannot easily fit women into a structure that is already coded as male…but what you can do — what we must do — is change the structure.”

That’s it. These women showing up on my couch were seeking to create a different structure in their lives — a structure that supports and nurtures their true gifts and the depth of their needs. But this redefinition of life takes work….a type of inner work that births the exact courage, determination and devotion needed to sustain such structural change on both micro and macro levels. But where do we find this illusive strength of courage? What my life has taught me is that this courage lives and breathes within the limitless power of our consciousness…the power of the unseen…the energy that binds us all.

Beloved poet, Maya Angelou, writes:

“If you’re always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.”

Many of the women I sit with have talked about how they’ve fit themselves into lives that weren’t meant for them, but ones that they were taught they should live. These “shoulds” touched on every aspect of life, for example, pressure to get married in your 20s or (gasp!) 30s, pursuing the the career your parents desired for you or feeling as if you were a female failure if you didn’t have children. This incessant, often subconscious drive to be “normal” and to fit into the status quo has left many women feeling depressed, anxious and misaligned. What those I’ve worked with have found is that there exists a different way of BEING in the world.

But we need one another to support this feminine RISING.

Interestingly, in my work, I’ve been called to hold sacred group space for women to expand personally, psychologically and spiritually. For example, once a month, I hold a group called “Mindful Mentoring for Spiritual Expansion” where 14 amazing women come together in community to embrace the medicine of meditation and to truly see and feel one another in their truths. The pure love in this group space is powerful and oh-so palpable. Many of these women talk about how they don’t feel seen, heard and felt in other areas of their lives ~ well not to this extent, at least. The co-created vibration of unconditional support lifts each woman up into their greatness and we proactively celebrate one another’s successes. At the same time, we collectively hold the light when one of our tribe members is enduring the depth of pain and suffering. And as one unit, we journey together through the seasons of life, bonded in our collective intention to elevate ourselves so we can elevate humanity.

Through my own healing journey, my therapy work with female clients and the experience of the sacred groups I hold space for, I’ve learned the common traits of this fierce female rising. We need this movement just like Mother Earth needs our care now more than ever. My call to action is THIS:

“My dear goddess, may you let yourself be seen in your true greatness and in the depth of your vulnerabilities. May you nurture your heart so you can be the light, the raft, for others who need the medicine of your sheer courage and strength. May you journey your life with devotion to ALL that feels real and true to your soul, for this truth is a mirror of the collective divine feminine. We need what only you have.”

~ Lena Franklin

Traits of The Fierce Female RISING:

  1. Meditation: The fierce female knows the value of caring for her inner life just as she cares for the external world, as the two aren’t separate.

  2. Speaking TRUTH: The fierce female won’t be silenced and using the throat chakra to put up boundaries, speak her opinions and share her true intentions with the world is a priority.

  3. Living from the heart: Throughout the centuries, we’ve privileged intellect and knowledge over inner wisdom and divine guidance. But this is shifting ~ fierce females unapologetically live from the heart.

  4. Serving Humanity: These women live a life of service ~ but not to their detriment. True inner power exists in our capacity to see that when we honor our own inner needs and happiness, we’re inviting others to do the same.

  5. Compassion and Non-judgment: The Ascended Master, Quan Am ~ the female buddha of compassion ~ teaches us that authentic power exists within the heart, not the ego. When we judge others, we’re perpetuating an energy of separation, which is the antithesis of what our world needs. The Earth’s hope for healing lies within the collective human capacity for compassion.


In Lovingkindness,


Lena Franklin