Lena Franklin's Mindful YouTube Vlog

The reality of our human situation is clear ~ the pace of our frenetic, modernized world is keeping us separate from our true nature of peace within. The good news? The ancient, time-tested and science-backed practices of mindfulness are available to us. Learn easy-to-implement mindfulness tools to manage your day-to-day stress and anxiety!

When we're on the spiritual path and we're growing personally, energetically and spiritually at exponential rates, there will inevitably be people in our lives who don’t understand our evolution. Learn how to…

Find out what mindfulness travel is and how it can be a transformative meditative practice in your life ~ elevating your psychological, emotional & spiritual healing.

As a mindfulness-based psychotherapist & spiritual teacher, I'm often asked about how to manifest intentions. So here it is! Explore my 4 steps to mindfully manifesting your heart & soul's deepest intentions for living.

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