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To journey inward is our highest calling.
— Lena Franklin
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mindful meditation mentoring

Meditation is the formal practice of mindfulness and your portal into knowing the inner life of thoughts, feelings and body sensations. Lena’s definition of mindfulness is, “paying intimate attention to the present moment, intentionally and without judgement.” Through the practice of meditation, you begin to align with the innate capacity for alchemical peace, power and presence. We call meditation a practice because, as imperfectly perfect human beings, we cannot expect to reach enlightenment by simply sitting on a meditation cushion. Each and every time we meet ourselves on the yoga mat or cushion, we’re choosing to embark on a transformative journey of learning our patterns, emotions and inner capacities to live with higher consciousness.

Modern neuroscience supports what ancient yogis have known for years ~ that meditation and yoga unleash inner resources available to us within the depths of our being. The science of mind, body, heart healing is a powerful convergence of Eastern spiritual philosophy and Western science. Embodying a compassionate, relationship-based approach, Lena offers you the opportunity to cultivate your own meditation practice through private individual or group mindful meditation guidance. During your time together, Lena will help you excavate your sacred intentions for living, weaving these intentions into guided meditations, mindfulness exercises and contemplative practices to help you awaken to a life of boundless meaning and joy.

Lena’s teachings embody a skillful convergence of mindfulness meditation, Buddhist Psychology, Yogic Philosophy and Neuro-Associative Learning in order to help you ignite your greatest human potential. All that you seek lives within YOU. Presence is the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world. When we come home to presence, we transform.



What to Expect

an integrated approach to coaching 

  • Mindful Meditation sessions are relationship-based in foundation

  • To cultivate a compassion mediation practice

  • To learn about Buddhist mindfulness philosophy

  • Utilize prana (breath) to enhance mind, body, heart vitality

  • Learn how to “meet your mood” through yoga and mindfulness skills

  • Experience an integration of verbal teachings and experiential, body-based practices

  • Periodic contemplative journaling exercises

  • To utilize of stillness and silence

  • Use of mantra (affirmations) for intention manifestation and mindfulness training

  • A commitment to learning The Art of Presence

Please Note: A commitment to weekly sessions for a minimum of 2 Months (8 Sessions total) is expected from new clients. 



60-Minute Session: $300
75-Minute Session: $375
90-Minute Session: $450