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mindfulness-based psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process of making the unconscious conscious, enhancing one’s health and happiness, moment-to-moment. Embarking on the journey of mindfulness-based psychotherapy with me is an opportunity to journey inward to know the self at a greater depth. Through a deeper knowing of our entrenched belief systems and ways we’ve been conditioned by life, we begin to unveil a liberated way of living with untethered confidence and empowered presence. Working with Adults and Adolescents, I offer a relationship-based form of psychotherapy that is grounded in Buddhist Psychology, Psychodynamic Theories, Neuroscience and Eastern Philosophies. Utilizing experiential healing methods such as meditation, mindfulness exercises, yogic practices and neuro-associative learning, I will become your guide into profound holistic healing. My skillfully unique process to psychotherapy is an integration of talk therapy and body-based healing.

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The first few sessions will be spent discussing what brought you into this mindfulness-based psychotherapy process, building our therapeutic relationship and setting intentions for the healing process. During this initial phase, we will discuss a plan moving forward, creating a customized road map for our therapeutic process. Led co-created goals and intentions, your healing journey has the opportunity to include body-based practices such as guided meditations, mindfulness exercises and healing yoga. Psychotherapy can be time-limited, or an ongoing process of deep personal healing and growth. A typical session is 60 minutes, however, longer sessions are available. Our goals and roadmap for therapy will determine what I recommend for session length and frequency.



  • Stress and Anxiety Management (utilizing mindfulness-based practices)
  • Insight enhancement of personal life path
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Reduction of depressive symptoms
  • Improvement of relationships (friend, familial or romantic)
  • Issues related to the formative years of Adolescence and Young Adulthood
  • Trauma Processing
  • Grief and Loss Issues
  • Shame Reduction
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  60-Minute Session: $225
  75-Minute Session: $280
  90-Minute Session: $335