Welzen is a comprehensive, emotional wellness app that will journey with you on the path of life. We have created categories and series of meditations and teachings that will meet your emotional needs, moment-to-moment. Explore our extensive library of therapeutic mindfulness tools to relieve stress and anxiety, sleep better, develop focus, ease depression and uplevel your human potential. 

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As a mindfulness-based psychotherapist, I'm endlessly honored to guide people onto the path of healing, utilizing the practice of presence. A few years into my career, I began to feel the constrictions of practicing therapy solely from the one-on-one, 60-minute hour paradigm. My clients were getting better but I sensed the limitations of how impactful my therapeutic work could be in this traditional private practice setting. The mission of my life's work is rooted in reach and impact, as I explore how to share the ancient practices of mindfulness in a modern way. Technology was the portal through which this transformative work could reach the world. Now, as Head of Content for Welzen Mindfulness Meditation App, I'm able to share the teachings of mindfulness with those seeking a happier, more meaningful life. By no means is the app a substitute for therapy but it provides a powerful at-your-fingertips tool for people to feel empowered in their healing journey. 

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