"When someone says to us, as Thich Nhat Hanh suggests,
"Darling, I care about your suffering," a deep healing begins." -Tara Brach
Deepen your meditation practice, cultivate mindful eating habits, explore your unique gifts
and inner potential through mindful healing workshops and events with me.

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lifeforce yoga to manage your mood

Special event held at the Kripalu Center For Yoga and Health in Stockbridge MA.
Presenter: Amy Weintraub • guest teacher: Lena Franklin • guest teacher: Alyce E. Wellons

MAY 25 - 28 
10 AM – 6 PM


For all levels, including yoga and health professionals.

How can you commit to happiness in the face of life’s challenges? This program helps you cultivate compassionate inner space, so you can embrace the world with a peaceful mind and a courageous heart.

Learn to strip away the obstacles that keep you from knowing the joy that is your birthright and develop a practice that includes breathing exercises, easy postures, and guided meditations. This program also covers other evidence-based yogic tools, designed to

  • Energize and elevate depressed moods
  • Relax and calm anxiety
  • Work with the chakra system
  • Bring balance to your emotional body.

LifeForce Yoga interweaves ancient disciplines with current scientific findings to help you release what no longer serves you and become the agent of your own healing.

We extend a warm and loving invite for you to join us!

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