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Philosophy for Healing & Transformation

I believe that we all possess our own Mindful Healer within -- your innate power for calm, compassionate, meaningful living beyond the constrictions of stress and fear. It’s through the portal of our presence that we begin to unearth our boundless inner capacities. Integrating Buddhist Psychology, Mindfulness Meditation, Yin Yoga, Chinese Energy Medicine and Neuroscience into therapeutic healing and personal growth, I invite you to step onto the Path of Awakening with me. Whether you work with me individually, join me on retreat or attend a talk I’m giving, I will be your guide on the great journey inward.

My daily meditation practice continues to be my greatest teacher in this life -- creating fertile ground for the growth of self-awareness, self-regulation and self-efficacy. The foundation of my philosophy for healing and transformation is the Art of Presence, which is the antidote to our perpetually busy, stressful lives. The Art of Presence is a daily practice of coming home to the refuge of the present moment through the breath, body, mind and heart. When we call upon the ancient Eastern healing practices of yoga and meditation, we learn how to show up for ourselves on the meditation cushion or yoga mat without expectation or agenda. Then, we’re able to take the wisdom and insight we’ve gained in our practice onto the path of life, allowing us to live with elevated levels of love, compassion, peace, abundance and joy. To accept and love ourselves for the essence of who we are -- divine light, power and presence -- is the catalyst for tapping into our highest human potentiality.


Education &

work experience


My life path led me from Northern Virginia, where I grew up, to Georgia, where I’m currently cultivating my life’s work as a Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapist, Meditation Instruction and Speaker. After earning an undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Georgia while playing Division 1 Women’s Soccer, I became a “Double Dawg” and received a Master’s Degree in Social Work from UGA. During graduate school, I was awarded a graduate assistantship where I worked closely with the director of the Title IV-E Child Welfare Education Program, promoting the professionalization of child welfare in the State of Georgia.

Following graduate school, I worked for Pathways Transition Programs, a private mental health center based in Decatur, GA. As a community-based individual and family therapist at Pathways, I provided counseling to children & families – gaining experience treating clients with trauma, attachment issues and working with families, systemically. Over four years of this in-the-trenches social work gave me invaluable perspective on human resilience and wisdom walking the earth with a compassionate heart. Then, I became Director of Counseling at Cumberland Academy where I managed and trained school counselors to deliver therapeutic services to children with spectrum disorders. Additionally, I created a mindfulness / yoga emotion regulation group for middle school boys.

Each step on The Path guided me to this moment. Today, I own an internationally recognized mindfulness-based business where I see individual clients, guide mindfulness retreats, teach yoga and meditation trainings and provide personal growth workshops.



Master of Social Work, University of Georgia, 2010
Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Georgia, 2007


Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Georgia
Georgia Society for Clinical Social Work (GSCSW) Member
GSCSW Professional Education Committee Co-Chair
National Association of Social Workers Member

And through meditation, we discover that the whole cosmos exists within.