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"When someone says to us, as Thich Nhat Hanh suggests,
"Darling, I care about your suffering," a deep healing begins." -Tara Brach
Deepen your meditation practice, cultivate mindful eating habits, explore your unique gifts
and inner potential through mindful healing workshops and events with me.



alchemy of presence

Saturday, September 28: 10:00am ~4:30pm

Join Lena Franklin and Alyce Wellons at The Center for Love and Light for this daylong, retreat-style workshop for therapists, mental health providers, yoga teachers, coaches and truly anyone who desires to learn the alchemical tools of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga to deepen their work with clients.

"Through the alchemy of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga, we create engaged, energetic and expansive moments for transformational healing for ourselves and others.Alyce + Lena

We can only meet those who sit before us at the depth we’ve met ourselves. When we inhabit our own minds, bodies and energy fields with expanded awareness, we enhance our own healing capacity while simultaneously deepening our work with clients. As practitioners working with others, we can BE the alchemists of pain and suffering through our capacity to be present with the inner experience, skillfully choosing practices that shift and transmute energy, resulting in elevated psychological, emotional and spiritual health. This workshop will be an experiential immersion where you’ll practice your own sacred self-care in order to learn the embodied practices that can be directly translated into work with clients. The transformation begins with US as the conduit for healing.

You’ll Learn:

* How to cultivate an ethical, safe container for yourself and for your client(s)

* Mindful movement, poses, breath work, sound, and mudras to address stress, anxiety and depression with your clients right in the office

* Therapeutic applications of these philosophies and practices to for various psychological imbalances

* Tenets from yogic philosophy, neuroscience, attachment, and Buddhist psychology

* Practices to set energetic boundaries for you

* Compassion-based practices (including scripts)

* Information on trainings and teachers for deeper intensive work with these modalities

* A day of sacred self care for YOU!

PLEASE NOTE: No yoga or meditation experience is required, and adaptations can be made with every activity. Everything can be done on the cushion, mat, or in a chair.

We believe that the alchemy of breath, movement, and presence allows each moment to be transformative. As we become conscious of our inner life made of thoughts, feelings and body sensations, we can embark on the healing journey of shifting maladaptive patterns that have kept us stuck. Through the integration of breath, movement, and presence, we elevate ourselves into our highest human potential.


This is being held at The Center for Love and Light. This is a large, light filled space in Virginia-Highlands, which includes a reclaimed wood wall and huge windows opening to a patio and an 11 acre green space with walking trails.Parking is free and plentiful. The space is handicap and wheelchair accessible. This is truly an urban oasis, a hidden gem and a perfect setting for learning!


The Center for Love and Light

1145 Zonolite Rd NE

Suite #7

Atlanta, GA 30306


The day will take place on the mat and cushion. We will have chairs/tables available and will make every effort to ensure that you are comfortable and able to participate fully in the practices. We will provide mats and cushions but if you would like, please bring your own as well as anything you want to have with you that invites deepening energetic presence. This might include crystals, essential oils, and objects that are part of your meditation and yoga practice.

Dress is casual and comfortable for ease of movement.

Layering We strongly encourage you to bring layers and a light blanket. Being seated or lying down can cool the body, we will be inside in air conditioning, outside for lunch and practices weather permitting…and layers are always recommended at a workshop!


Please bring your own lunch that doesn’t require cooking/heating up. We will not be going off site for lunch as that time will be part of the workshop (think mindful eating + meditation practice of self inquiry). We will have beverages, hot and cold, and snacks of all kinds available throughout the day. As always, bring whatever specific food or beverage you require that we might not have available.


We are limiting the workshop to 25 participants to cultivate a personalized approach to the training, as well as allowing for safety and intimacy in participating in the experiential components.

You can register directly on Alyce E. Wellons, LCSW website. We are also glad to register you for the event by phone. You an contact Alyce directly at 404.664.3110 or for questions.


Your fee of $195.00 will cover all costs including snacks and beverages thru -out the day, a thorough binder with pictures and explanations of all practices, scripts for some practices, and a 6 hour CEU certificate approved by the Georgia Society for Clinical Social Work.

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November 8 - 11

A weekend of inspirational speakers, unique + immersive experiences, human connection + practical tools to support the journey of awakening, immersed in Nature at the utopia of Serenbe created by Jenny Emblom, the founder of Living Wholly. 

This is a thoughtfully curated four-day event at Serenbe filled with opportunities for everyone to connect socially, attune inwardly and get inspired through immersive experiences including mind blowing content, accessible meditation, cathartic movement practices, time in Nature, seated dinners under the stars, slowing down and returning to a natural rhythm. I’ll gratefully be leading the meditation practices throughout the event.

Join me and this incredible line up of speakers: Elizabeth Gilbert, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Shaman Durek, Light Watkins, Sahara Rose and many more. Time to Attune!